Coordinates Head-to-Head Game

We recently saw a Coordinates Head-to-Head Game shared by a teacher on social media and thought it was a good idea worth sharing and building upon!

In the blog we will show you:

  1. The post that inspired Coordinates Head-to-Head
  2. The rules of the game
  3. The three game versions
  4. Free PowerPoint and PDF downloads to play the game with your classes!
Our Coordinates Head-to-Head game has been inspired by @favoriteteacheralert on TikTok

Rules of the game!

  1. Split the class into two teams
  2. Each team member from each of the teams gets one attempt per round
  3. One team to answer on the left-hand chart, other team to answer on the right-hand chart
  4. The team that plots the most coordinates first in each head-to-head are the Coordinates Head-to Head Champions!

Three versions for different ages or for in-class differentiation

The first version is a 5 by 5 first quadrant plane.

The second version is a 10 by 10 first quadrant plane.

The third version is an 8 by 8 plane showing all four quadrants.

We hope you like the game idea as much as we do and it helps your classes grow in confidence in their coordinates learning!