Top 5 Literacy Shed Films for Year 2 (ages 6-7)

This is the 5th blog in the ‘Top 5 Literacy Shed films’ series. I have been choosing my favourite short films for different year groups. These films are not limited to only be used with Year 2 but have found them to work well within that year group. 

Little Boat by Nelson Boles 

A little, red boat is launched. We don’t know who by or where but he sets off on a journey. His voyage is long and at some times arduous but with strength and courage the little boat continues, not put off by man or beast. Even though the boat is only powered by the wind, we sometimes feel sorry for it, especially when his mast snaps and he is at his most vulnerable. It is this jeopardy which keeps the children hooked until the end.

Watch the film here on Literacy Shed and here on Vimeo.

Catch it

As the sun rises over the savannah, a mob of meerkats stretch from their slumber. They quickly attend to their daily tasks – lovingly tending to their unique fruit. An ominous shadow appears in the form of a vulture who steals the precious fruit. The gang decide that the only way they are going to get it back is through teamwork and this leads to some amusing scenes akin to a rugby match. Will they manage to get it back?

Watch the film here on Literacy Shed and here on Youtube 

Taking Flight 

After being dropped off with his ‘boring, old Grandpa’ one boy’s dismay is turned into a thrilling adventure through the power of a shared imagination, a ‘Radio-Flyer’ and a story telling Grandpa. The two of them travel through the jungle followed by menacing monkeys and then travel into space to face intergalactic aliens all the while being accompanied by a tiny blue bear. 

Watch the film here on Literacy Shed and here on Vimeo 

Something Fishy 

It has been a long day, one lady sits alone in the laundrette washing her clothes when a strange light begins to emit from one of the washing machines. When the door of the machine is opened water does not rush out. The lady is drawn to things moving inside the machine and she moves closer before climbing inside. She discovers an underwater world with sock shaped fish and dangerous snapping jeans. Will it turn out to be all a dream?

Watch the film here on Literacy Shed and here on Youtube


This is one of my absolute favourite films on Literacy Shed. A young boy is camping by himself on the edge of a lake. Little does he know but a ferocious monster is creeping up on him. Ferocious, that is, until he is faced with a marshmallow. At this point, he becomes almost puppylike and the boy can control him. Unfortunately, the boy does not have an endless supply of marshmallows and the beast becomes dangerous once more. With the help of a giant marshmallow shaped pillow the boy manages to escape.

Watch the film here on Literacy Shed and here on Vimeo

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The Top 5 films for Year 1 will be added next week. 

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