Top 5 Literacy Shed Films for Year 3 (Ages 7-8)

This is the 4th blog in a set of six ‘the best’ blogs. As with the earlier blogs, this is my personal selection of films for year 3 (Age 7-8). You may have you own favourites and some of the films I have chosen may be used in other year groups in your school.

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The Catch 

In the heart of the rainforest, a young boy is trying to catch a fish for his supper without much look. After what seems like hours, his bamboo rod quivers and he plucks out a fish. His reverie is short lived though when he sees the size of this tiddler. A sudden noise piques his interest and he finds a fox caught in a trap. He releases him and the fox pays him back by stealing the fish. The boy is angry and chases the fox, who seems to be teasing the young lad. The boy realises at the end that the fox has been helping him by leading him to a lake filled with giant fish.  

These is a free activity pack here for The Catch on Literacy Shed Plus


A small, rusty robot strolls through an autumnal forest seemingly without purpose. He sees a train steaming through the forest and as he watches he sees a familiar sign which may reveal something about his past. He hitches a ride and ends up at a grim factory with monstrous machines. Still, something draws him inside, but he decides that he would prefer to stay in the forest.  

 Catch A Lot

This is a fun little film. Even the title amuses me. The word ‘cachalot’ is an archaic term for a sperm whale. The boat in the story belongs to two hapless whalers. When the film opens, we see a father and son team (along with a cheeky gull) aboard their rowing boat on a calm sea. The son seems like he would rather be anywhere else than here and this frustrates his father. The film has no dialogue which means that all of these feelings are portrayed through body language. The appearance of the whale sends the gull into a flap and one of the fishermen ends up in the ocean. The film fades to black. At this point, I love to hear the pupils’ responses to what will happen next before watching the end/credits sequence. 


Esther, a homeless lady is searching through a junk yard. We see her exploring old cars, cardboard boxes and other objects that people have thrown away. She casts aside objects which could have had possible uses or value in favour of seemingly broken items. She is searching for something specific and at the end of the film we see what it is that she wanted to build. 

For lesson planning based on ‘Treasure’ click here.

The Dreamgiver

Silently, a group of orphans sleep in an orphanage. Quietly, the window shutters open and in creeps a mysterious creature. He doesn’t look too friendly but soon we see what his plan is. This is The Dreamgiver and by cracking his ‘dream eggs’ onto stories, posters and ballet shoes.  

Children are often left wondering what would happen if an egg was cracked on something that was not so nice. Unfortunately, one of the orphans finds out. An egg is accidentally cracked onto a book open on the page entitled, ‘the shadow serpent.’ This is when the nightmare starts and a monster appears. Who will save the young boy?  

I have used this film with all primary year groups and all children are engaged by it. 

Find lesson planning for The Dreamgiver here on Literacy Shed Plus 

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