Using Songs to Supercharge Your Phonics Teaching

Why use songs for learning phonics?

It has been proven that songs have a positive intellectual impact on pupils, as well as helping linguistic development that later aids learning to read.

The power of music: its impact on the intellectual, social and personal development of children and young people (Susan Hallam, 2010)

Using songs in phonics sessions

We also provide other useful songs, such as those which support Chapter 1 planning, the additional planning in Chapter 2 and three Chapter 4b songs that reinforce ‘best fit’ rules.

You can find videos of these songs online at the Phonics Shed Hub and there are lyric sheets in the resource packs for every session with a song.

There are also three, very special, additional songs (two welcome songs and a plenary song) that can be used every lesson to encourage routine and help refocus the children.

Songs become part of the daily lesson routine as seen above.
All song words are included in our lesson resources